Nutritional Grail: Ancestral Wisdom, Breakthrough Science, and the Dawning Nutritional Renaissance
6 Fevrier 2014

During the 20th century—the Dark Ages of nutrition—flawed nutritional theories gained acceptance, prompting radical departures from traditional foods. Sugar consumption skyrocketed; proinflammatory vegetable oils replaced nourishing animal fats; processed foods became commonplace.

This book explores the social and economic forces enabling these changes while lucidly explaining modern scientific perspectives on fat, cholesterol, fructose, gluten, detoxification, and many other nutritional subjects.

Discover life-transforming knowledge regarding the what, why, and how of healthy eating—plus 100 recipes. Like the original 12th century grail story, this knowledge comes through asking questions, serving others, and serving one’s higher Self.

While laying out a comprehensive strategy for effortless weight loss, improved digestion, and increased energy, Clark convincingly suggests a nutritional renaissance, propelled by science and guided by the wisdom of our ancestors, is finally dawning.


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